OEM Paint Match Chart

Try our Pearls in Comparison to Pearls from PPG*, Dupont*, Matrix System*, Valspar*, Dimension*, and other major brands.

Below: We have carefully analysed pigments to ensure the closest possible color and particle size. Compare and Save!

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Paint With Pearl

Part No. #

Paint With Pearl Description
OEM Description
PWP509Root Beer Green Shifter CandyRed Green PearlPPG PRL-861019SMatrix MSP-86PT26DM594N/ADMT-26
PWP221Blue Satin PearlFine Blue PearlPPG PRL-871012SMatrix MSP-87PT23DM585P02DMT-23
PWP217Copper PearlOrange PearlPPG PRL-881013SMatrix MSP-88PT14DM578P13DMT-13
In ProgressViolet PearlPPG PRL-891007SMatrix MSP-89PT25DM593N/ADMT-25
In ProgressSunset Red PearlPPG PRL-90N/AMatrix MSP-90N/AN/AN/AN/A
PWP231Green Satin PearlGreen PearlPPG PRL-91N/AMatrix MSP-91PT7DM581P04DMT-6
PWP225Blue PearlFrost Blue PearlPPG PRL-921004SMatrix MSP-92PT13DM586N/ADMT-12
PWP208Gold Ghost PearlTincture Gold PearlPPG PRL-931005SMatrix MSP-93PT16DM587P06DMT-15
PWP705Blue to Green PearlBlue Green PearlPPG PRL-941015SMatrix MSP-94PT22DM584N/ADMT-21
PWP163Silver ShimmerBright White PearlPPG PRL-95N/AMatrix MSP-95PT8DM591N/ADMT-7
PWP504Wine Red CandyRusset PearlPPG PRL-961002SMatrix MSP-96N/AN/AP03N/A
PWP502Orange Copper PearlCopper PearlPPG PRL-97N/AMatrix MSP-97N/AN/AN/AN/A
PWP111White Satin PearlFine White PearlPPG PRL-981011SMatrix MSP-98PT20DM592P14DMT-19
PWP524Wine Red Candy SatinFine Russet PearlPPG PRL-99N/AMatrix MSP-99PT11DM590N/ADMT-10
PWP534Shimmer Wine Red CandyRadiant Red PearlPPG PRLX-11023SMatrix MSPX-01PT33N/AP21DMT-33
PWP101White Sparkle PearlCrystal Silver PearlPPG PRLX-21020SMatrix MSPX-02PT30N/AP19DMT-30
PWP249Shimmer Gold PearlSunbeam Gold PearlPPG PRLX-31024SMatrix MSPX-03PT32N/AP20DMT-32
PWP289Shimmer Blue PearlGalaxy Blue PearlPPG PRLX-41025SMatrix MSPX-04PT34N/AP23DMT-34
In ProgressStellar Green PearlPPG PRLX-5N/AMatrix MSPX-05PT35N/AP22DMT-35
PWP269Shimmer Orange PearlSolaris Red PearlPPG PRLX-6N/AMatrix MSPX-06N/AN/AN/AN/A
PWP532Shimmer Orange Copper CandyFireside Copper PearlPPG PRLX-7N/AMatrix MSPX-07PT31N/AN/ADMT-31
In ProgressCosmic TurquoisePPG PRLX-8N/AMatrix MSPX-08N/AN/AN/AN/A
In ProgressAmethyst DreamPPG PRLX-9N/AMatrix MSPX-09N/AN/AN/AN/A

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