Candy Concentrates

What are Candy Concentrates?

Candy Concentrates are powdered dyes that completely dissolve in solvent based reducers. You add color without losing transparency. They can be added to paints to make a completely transparent Candy Paint. Now you can see your graphics under your paint. This is very popular with hydro-graphics. The cool thing about our Candy Concentrate pigments is that they can be shipped all over the world because of their non toxic nature. They can be mixed and dissolved completely into several different kinds of reducer.  The only reducer that has given us any trouble is Naptha, so we dont recommend Naptha as a reducer to use with our candy Concentrates. Since these powders are solvent dyes, we also don’t recommend using them in water based paints. They truly need a solvent to dissolve into before they can be mixed into your paint.  Always use a reducer that is compatible with the medium you are spraying or applying. It is also very important to give the Candy Concentrates time to dissolve completely. Then you can mix the reducer into your actual paint.  If done properly, you will find that you have a quality Candy Paint that looks great when sprayed over a metallic finish.  Try them over gold and silver. It is also nice when you want to spray over black and white graphics. See below:

Orange Candy Concentrates over a Skull Pattern

Orange Candy Concentrate over a Skull Pattern

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