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Ice Pearls Crystal Phantom Pearls

Ice Pearls, or Crystal Effects Phantom Pearls are a great way to add iridescent sparkle to your paint without completely covering up the base color. The larger particle size adds extra flash and is durable up to 1600ºF. So durable they can be used in everything from Pottery Glaze to auto paint and screen printing ink, along with theatrical makeup, nail polish, fiberglass, etc.  Not only can they create a sparkle over your existing paint, but they can also make their own color when sprayed over black base coats, as you can see in the picture below. Ice pearls have been popular for years, and are surprisingly easy to spray through paint guns and airbrushes. They can also create great special effects in nail polish, fiberglass, and powder coatings.  Do not be mistaken, these Ice Pearls are not metal flakes or glitter.  They are an abnormally large mica particle identical to our Phantom Pearls in every way except for size.  Get a flashy custom paint job with our Ice Pearls Crystal Effects Phantom Pearls, know also as iridescent or interference pearls.

Blue Crystal Ghost Ice Pearls on a sweet truck.

Blue Crystal Ghost Pearl on a sweet truck.

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