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HC-7600 2 Hour Air Fast Drying Clear Coat – 5 Quart kit

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5 Quart Kit HC-7600 Ultra Productive Clear is a medium-solids clear that offers fast dry times both air dry and bake.  FREE SHIPPING!


Super Fast Drying Clear Coat

<big>HC-7600 2 Hour Air Dry Clear


HC-7600 Ultra Productive Clear is a medium-solids clear that offers fast dry times both air dry and bake. If you have every used PPG 3000, this clear would compare, as well to Dupont’s 7600. This fast drying clear coat can be polished in as fast as 2 hours air dry and 20 minutes when baked at 120F.
HC-7600 can be used in a variety of shop conditions particularly in application conditions where airflow is less than ideal. The combination of high throughput and low overspray keeps repair jobs moving at record speeds. HC-7600 fast drying clear coat air dries ready to assemble in 2 hours, which dramatically increases throughput and eliminates booth heating costs. For even faster process time, HC-7600S can be express baked at 120°F for 10 minutes.  This super fast medium solids clear revolutionizes energy savings and productivity. It is a two-component spot and panel clear designed to increase production by maximizing energy savings and vehicle throughput. This clear possesses, for the first time, a combination of unique attributes: good gloss, ultra fast deep cure, fast out of dust and low overspray. We get readings of over 95% gloss with this clear!
Mix Ratio:
Component Volume
HC-7600 Ultra Productive Clear           4
HH-7603/7605/7607 Activator              1
HH-7605- Standard
HH-7607- Slow


15-17 seconds in #2 Zahn Cup

Pot Life

1 hours at 70F
Gun Setups:


Siphon Feed: 1.5 mm – 1.7 mm (0.059” – 0.067”)
Gravity Feed: 1.4 mm – 1.6 mm (0.055” – 0.063”)


Siphon Feed: 1.6 mm – 1.7 mm (0.063” – 0.067”)
Gravity Feed: 1.4 mm – 1.6 mm (0.050” – 0.063”)

Air Pressures

Siphon Feed: 25-35 psi at the gun
Gravity Feed: 25-35 psi at the gun

HVLP 6-8 psi at the gun

  1. Allow basecoat to dry 15-30 minutes – 30 minutes if applying multiple coats of pearl or if shop is below 70F.
  2. Apply 2 medium-wet coats of HC-7600 with 3-5 minutes flash between coats.
  3. Do not apply more clear after 1 hour from completion.
Flash/Dry Times (Air Dry):
Flash Between Coats: 3-5 minutes
Dust Free: 10 minutes
Time to Assemble 2 hours
Time to Polish 2 hours
Time to Stripe 2 hours
Time to Deliver 2 hours
Time to Decal 8 hours
Flash/Dry Times (Bake @ 120F):
Flash Before Bake 0 minutes
Cycle Time 10 minutes at 120F metal temperature
Dust Free At cool down
Time to Assemble At cool down
Time to Polish 30 minutes after cool down
Time to Stripe 30 minutes after cool down
Time to Deliver At cool down
Optimum Times: Air Dry: 2 hours @ 70F; Bake: 30 minutes after cool
Sanding: Use 1500 grit or finer or use 1500 DA or finer
Compounding: Use finishing compound. Apply a thin ribbon of material to the
area to be polished. Use a double sided wool pad or a foam
pad. Maintain air polisher or variable speed polisher at 1800-
3000 rpm. Remove excess finishing compound with a clean
soft cloth prior to applying finishing polishing.
Before using any Tamco products be sure to read all safety warnings and MSDS. Please read all directions carefully.
For professional use only by trained painters. Not for sale or use by the general public.
Technical Data & Physical Properties:
Color Clear Sprayable Viscosity 15-17 sec. #2Z
Pot Life 2 hours Mix Ratio 4:1
Weight Solids 37% Volume Solids 31%
Gloss Excellent Weight per Gallon 8.00 lbs
Color Holdout Excellent Buff Times 2 hours @ 70F
Humidity Resistance Excellent Flash Point 25C
Solvent Resistance Excellent Package VOC 4.50 lbs/galRepairability Excellent RTS VOC 4.20 lbs/gal
Florida Exposure Excellent Chip Resistance Very Good


Reduce up to 5% with HR series reducers ONLY! USE  ONLY  Tamco HR Series reducers which are guaranteed moisture free!  Moisture in reducers will kill this product’s shine 100% of the time!

IMG_3646Need Reducer Add it Here!

Understanding Our Clears:

In today’s world, we are confronted with terms that try to trick us to buy something. For example “NO ADDED SUGAR” simply means that they used high naturally occurring sugars that are often higher in sugar and calories thiamin if they simply added sugar in the first place.  REDUCED FAT– Again there is no legal definition of this. If a product has had fat removed it will often have something added, for example sugar and thickening agents. FRESH, PURE OR NATURAL Consumers should be wary because such marketing terms are not defined in law and, if used inappropriately, can confuse and mislead.

This same use of terms by paint companies are used to fool the masses into “junk science” and downright lies.  For example:

Polyurethane: Some companies say that their clears and paints are superior because it is a polyurethane, not just a urethane. “poly” means more than one, and “urethane” means A synthetic crystalline compound, CO(NH2)OC2H5
Therefore a “polyurethane” is a class of synthetic materials made by copolymerizing an isocyanate and a polyhydric resin. Simply put, any two part urethane IS A POLYURETHANE!

Now what you may not know there are three basic types of polyurethanes used in the paint business. They are:

Enamel polyurethanes: Enamel resins cross-linked with a polyisocyanate (usually an IPDI polyisocyanate – a less durable form) which is usually the cheapest and less desirable of all polyurethanes. Usually when people boast that their products are polyurethanes, they are simply cheap enamels crosslinked with a hardener and are NOT all that durable. BEWARE

Acrylic polyurethanes: Very durable coatings, the backbone of the OEM car industry. 100% acrylic polyurethanes have high gloss, and very high gloss retention when exposed to the sun’s UV.  They will stay shiny for many years. They have a good to excellent chemical resistance as well. There are many forms of acrylic resins. Some with mediocre long term durability, and some with outstanding 20 plus year durability.

Linear polyester polyurethanes: The most durable coatings for chemical resistance. VERY HIGH initial gloss, but will loose much of that gloss over a ten year period.  The outstanding chemical resistance is why this type of paint is usually used on large boats and airplanes. The down side of this product is that it cures VERY SLOWLY and hence most would not use these products in the car refinish process.

BLENDS:  Beware! Many clears and paints on the market are actually blends of enamel resins and acrylic resins. This is done for two reasons. One is ease of application (enamels are easier to paint, keep a beautiful “wet edge” and has outstanding initial gloss (upward to 99%!)  However, Tamco does NOT blend our clears with enamels. We use 100% acrylic resins. Why? When enamels are blended into the clear, all of the advantages of initial gloss, are lost within 1 year!  They do not stand up to UV sun radiation much.

Proper additive package:  Most every paint companies know which resins are out there. The real “secret” to this industry is in the formulation of those resins. In the formula of any clear there will be 2 UV’s (if they are good!), 3-5 solvents (for an even evaporation rate), tin additives (to make the paint cure better and quicker) and leveling, or flow agents. These are often heavily guarded secrets in any paint formulations. Tamco after years of testing and experience uses an array of flow agents and other additives. Some are the same used by everyone, others are those we have discovered over years of testing different product additives. OUR CLEARS lay down like glass! That is a nature of the resins we use (we often blend many acrylic resins in just one clear for many different attributes), and the flow additives we have chosen!  Most of our customers are amazed with the look of our clears!  That’s in the additives!  Now some of our spot and repair clears are meant to duplicate factory orange peel (like our HC7600, HC7642 and HC2000), but our glamor clears stand in a league by themselves.

HELP LINE:  When you call us – you get us very quickly, and you will talk with someone who knows their products.  This is a family run business and everyone has many years of experience.  Most of the time you will talk with the owner Tammy Miller. 1-800-678-1533, rings to her cell. She has been making paint with her dad since she was a child!  Bob Barney (her father) has been in the paint business since 1979 and has manufactured and sold marine paints (topside and bottom paint), Industrial finishes and auto refinish paints. You can trust our experience.  Tammy’s husband Sean Miller, is our head tech man. He also runs the paint plant. He has many years of painting experience, from production auto repairs to custom artwork. Sean has painted about every product on the market. He knows what paints do, and how to correct problems that arise.

Amerflint II — Duraflint II — and No Wax Clears: PRO:   Easy to apply – HIGHEST possible gloss (98-99%) LONGEST GLOSS retention (only 3% in 5 years).  I have made this product for 30 years – I have cars in Florida painted in the 80’s, that still look GREAT!  For many years, all Norfolk Southern locomotives used this product!  John Deere (at the factory) uses this resin, modified by Sherwin Williams with their other resins.
CON: Does Not buff well at all, unless you really know what you are doing.  If you aren’t going to buff- these are great clears.  PLUS or MINUS:   SLOW DRYING

HC-2104 High Solids Euro Clear (Compare to Spies). PRO:  Very High gloss (97-98). Less than a 2% loss of gloss per year. Easily a 7-10 year “real life” coating.  Very Easy to buff. Can adjust dry times with 3 different temp hardeners (fast med slow).  Great Euro look.

CONS: (which is a plus for very experienced painters) VERY HIGH SOLIDS. Do it yourselfers often have problems with these High Solids clears

HC-2100 (EURO CLEAR):– Same product as above- 20% LOWER SOLIDS. All the pluses of 2104, without any cons.  Best selling clear we have.. This is also selling as our COLORMAX 2:1 Euro Clear

HC-2020 HC2021 HC2002 – Great clears ONLY for those used to applying PPG high solids clears!

HC4100 –  This is basically HC-2100, slightly higher solids at a 4:1 ratio.  Our second best selling clears. Easy to apply, very high gloss and gloss retention

Our 2000, HC-7600, HC7642 and other 4:1 Clears  (including the 4:1 Colormax 2000).  PROS:  Easy to apply, 94-95% gloss. Uses a resin system that is almost impossible to fail (in fact 85% of all auto clears are based on this resin). Can be made to dry VERY FAST (for spot repairs).. 3 different temp hardeners (fast med slow)– the same hardeners that are used in the HC-2100 Euro Clears!  These are very popular clears. 100% acrylic urethane- NO ENAMELS added (like most lower cost clears- that looks great when sprayed but dies by 20% in 2 years!)  Our clears in this group looks great for 5-7 years (with a 2-3% loss of gloss per year in Florida testing. BUFFS GREAT!

CONS: a bit lower gloss (95%) vests the other clears, but if buffed has the same gloss as our other clears!  Needs more coats (lower solids except for the HC7642) and use a less durable resin than our premium clears. These products are meant to be used for production clears that will have a good long life and good gloss retention!

ALL OF OUR CLEARS have the MAX of 2 UV’s…!!!!!!!!!!We do not leave UV out of our less expensive clears…. Many companies DO!

All of our clears use the very expensive BLENDED HARDENERS. (HDT, HDB and IPDI resins) for long life, max. durability and EZ Buffing! Almost nobody does this anymore!!! We still do. See page 6 in this link on why blended hardeners are important:   but not used much anymore by most modern paint companies! We blend all three! HDB, HDT, AND IPDI!

We use ONLY “urethane grade solvents.” in all our products. Only big time companies do this – most generics DO NOT

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jqperformance wrote…

Tamco HC-7600 is a nice off brand product. works just like dupont!

Cleaver wrote…

I was hesitant to purchase paint from ebay. I contacted tamco directly and spoke to Tammy. She was very helpful!.
Hey Tammy……its Brent down here in Texas at . I really like this4100 Glamour Clear. Goes on nice, flows out nice and cuts and…

Ryan wrote…

We switched to TAMCO clears and urethane reducers Last month. Best move ever. Extremely nice Clears!! No dye back. Buffs like butter and very user…

CowboyinFlorida wrote…

Tamco 2 thumbs up this is the best and easiest clear I have ever used!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Eaton wrote…

Amazing Company, Customer service is A+, GREAT PRODUCT! Wish i could write more!

Plyfire2 wrote…

the best product, the best price, and the best people to deal with.

paintdude1 wrote…

These products are just the best..Very impressed..


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